endless summer


bombshell dress halter neck


Its October yet temperature here still reaches high at 38(C). I’m long time resident here in Muscat, usually at this time of the year, temperature drops down, high at 28(C).

Talk about global warming…

This is my variation of the bombshell dress. I made one some time ago but this time with the same bodice, I add a halter neck strap and a circle skirt.


Happy sewing!

bombshell collage


a simple feast


My family and I celebrated the Feast of St. Mathew yesterday; my hometown’s patron saint. My family, as a tradition, celebrate this feast with menudo – a Filipino style stew.

Traditionally, this dish is made of pork and pork liver, I made this with beef and chicken liver instead.


For others, this dish may considered incomplete without peas or chickpeas and diced carrots, but for me a handfull of diced chorizo completes it. Chorizo is packed full of flavors, which I would rather prefer than the colors of the peas and carrots may give to this dish.

Also I made Chicken Relleno – a deboned chicken, stuffed and baked to perfection:

chicken relleno

The recipe is adapted from Nora Daza cookbook “A Culinary Life: Personal Recipe Collection.” I learnt how to debone a chicken years ago while I was working at hotel industry, shamelessly asked one of the chefs to teach me how, and I am grateful that he happily obliged.

Happy Fiesta!


my other finished projects


These had been sitting around for a very long time and I finally had them framed last week:


These are my finished cross-stitch projects. This particular craft was introduced to me by my home economics teacher during my high school days. At that time, I wished she could have thought of a project that is less time consuming as me and the rest of the class were studying trigonometry, geometry, world history, chemistry and literature… :( Nevertheless, I did like it.

Nowadays, I don’t do embroidery as I am more into making clothes and learning new sewing techniques. But with all of these hanging on my walls, maybe I’ll pick up a kit or two.



red beauties


I made some cupcakes last weekend to help myself boost my esteem after the recent near-disaster baking adventure:




I adjusted the sweetness of these beauties like like my family would love. The cupcake were frosted with cream cheese frosting. The purple hue was unintentional; it had been sitting in my fridge for some time and the cakes wait for a new batch!

a series of unfortunate events


Every holiday gives us an opportunity to try out a new recipe. I have to admit, often times, it would turn out to be a disaster. This time around, however, it was not as disastrous per se but this cake met quite a few challenges from getting the ingredients to frosting.

First, the recipe calls for “caramel condensed milk” but condensed milk nowadays comes in tetra brick packaging instead of tin cans hence, there’s no way I could have immerse it to boiling water for 2 good hours. Yet, I went ahead and bake the cake.

The following evening, New Years’ Eve, after prepping and cooking the main dish and appetizer, I went ahead in assembling the cake by making its filling. I realized I ran out of cooking gas! So my family and I had sliced fruits for dessert :(

After nearly 2 days and at least half a dozen of “inshallah’s” later, a cylinder of cooking gas had been delivered to our apartment and the time to assemble the cake finally came. I remove the centre of the cake leaving just an inch thick at the edge and about half of an inch at the bottom, put the filling in, and let it set for 4 hours.

Finally, after pouring the marshmallow frosting, my blow torch didn’t work! Hence, my suppose “Caramel filled Chocolate Cake with Toasted Marshmallow Frosting” turned out simply as “milk filled chocolate cake with marshmallow frosting”…





a couple of vests


My brother has been begging me for months to make some vests for him. He must be convinced by one of the characters in the popular TV show to own at least one. Image

cut lining fused fabric

I’m not very confident in drafting patterns so I used Simplicity 2346. I decided to fused the fabric to add stability and body. He had worn this once at work and one of the compliments he received was “it looks expensive”!

Of course, it should ;)